​Boiler Services in Bristol

Boiler Service

If your boiler cannot be repaired we also specialise in boiler installation. Replacing your boiler has many benefits including saving energy which will in turn save you money on your energy bills. The older a boiler is the less efficient it becomes meaning it works harder to heat your home which costs you more money.

Having a brand new boiler installed means it will be working to the most efficient standard, which will benefit your home and also your bank account. Older boilers can work at efficiency levels as low as 40% whereas newer modern boilers can work at efficiency levels of nearly 90% meaning the strain on heating your home is considerably less.

Leading Boiler Suppliers

Unitary Engineering Services only supply quality products which can give to the customer. This means that you will get the very best in heating technology for your home at an excellent price.


GasSaver is available built in to our range of InTec GS Boiler models or available to an add-on unit for other boilers. GasSaver extracts heat from waste boiler flue gases and uses it to preheat the water before it enters the boiler. This means that less gas is needed to deliver hot water resulting in a saving to £377 a year.


The FlowSmart boiler is perfect for homes that have an above average demand for hot water by negating the need to have a permant store. The FlowSmart works by drawing heat from the boilers primary circuit and when used with a GasSaver unit, is used to pre-heat cold water from the mains before it enters the boiler. The FlowSmart is available in a variety of different set ups. Use the information below to contact us.

Premier Pack Plus

The PremierPack Plus can be fitted with an InTec boiler and gives you an extra 2 year guarantee, depending on the boiler installed, this could mean a 7 year guarantee on parts and labour against defects.